Hye ,tengh2 mlm nieh aq nak join 1 contest by nurul hanis .

1) Feel free to follow this blog but this is not coercion :) For those who don't want to follow my blog, make sure you up to date with me. It is because, for example, you are the winner but you don't know anything so the present will be past to the other contestant.

2) Copy the banner above and link to this entry. Feel free to paste and link the banner above on your sidebar.

3) For Malaysian. But it's okay if blogger from other country wanna join this contest BUT if they win, the present will give through this virtual world only. Girls and boys can join this contest.

4) It is open for blogger, tumblr, website ONLY.
Cara nak join:- 

1) It has two section. You can choose by yourself. The first section is number 2) and the second section is number 3)

2) Make an entry and create a good story that has relationship with me. Even you don't know me, it's okay, just design. It can be comedy, horror, sadness, joy etc.

3) OR make a header for me :) The title must be La Dolce Hanis Anasa.
Cara nak menang:- 
1) No vote, no like. It's 100% in my hand.

2) Conditions and rules are final unless I add/ change it.

3) I will choose the best entry/ header.

Fiqah Yassin - 3 winners
Nadhirah Izzati - 2 winners
Nanad Doodle - 2 winners
Nurul Syazwani - 4 winners
Banana's Shop -  2 winners
Cik Bulat - 3 winners
Miza's Prelove -

Butik Alesya - 

Aida Assilah Azman - 2 winners

Syah Zahari - 3 winners

Sakuraneia Iyako - 2 winners

Amni Nizzatul Alia - 1 winner (boys only)

Farah Amiera - 1 winner

Alia Azmi - 2 winners

Nadhirah Amalina - 

Siti Nor Azera - 5 winners

Nurul Jannah Sajidah - 1 winner

Nana Kementot - 2 winners

Qjey & Nina's Blog - 3 winners

Mohd Amin Aizuddin - 1winner

Ienaz Alia - 3 winners
header ni tuk hanis shj,kepada hanis,sorry eh if tak cantek sangt

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  1. Thanks for commenting but mana cerita/ header nya? Langsaikan dahulu CARA NAK JOIN :)

  2. Err knape link nya berlainan?

  3. Ain pun nak join Contest nie jugak lah...^^


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